Our Services

Dog training for general manners

Get your dog’s basic manners in check with our private training sessions. Lindsay uses positive reinforcement techniques to teach your furry friend essential skills such as sitting, staying, coming, and leash-walking.

Puppy training (up to 6 months of age)

Give your pup the best start with our private puppy training sessions or puppy class. We use positive reinforcement to teach basic manners and socialization skills, including potty training, what to do about chewing, leash walking, and more. Ensure a happy, healthy life for your furry friend – schedule with us now.

New dog, now what?

Help your newly adopted pup adjust to their new home with our private training sessions. Your pup will learn basic obedience skills and Lindsay will address behavior issues that come up during the adjustment period. Give your furry friend a comfortable and confident start with us.

leash reactivity

Get your leash reactive dog under control with our private training sessions. Our expert trainer uses positive reinforcement to teach calm behavior around other dogs, and helps you manage your dog’s behavior.

Shy & fearful dogs

Is your furry friend shy or fearful around new people and situations? Using positive reinforcement techniques tailored to your dog’s personality, Lindsay can help your pup learn to feel more comfortable and relaxed in their environment. With personalized attention, you’ll learn how to support your dog and help them become more social and outgoing. Contact us today to schedule your private training sessions and give your furry friend the gift of confidence!


Our expert trainer uses positive reinforcement and behavior modification techniques to help your dog build healthier relationships with people and animals. With personalized attention and a focus on safety, you’ll learn how to manage your dog’s behavior and prevent dangerous situations.

AKC canine good citizen

Ready to show off your furry friend’s good behavior and obedience skills? We offer private training sessions and group classes tailored to prepare your dog for the prestigious AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Using positive reinforcement techniques and personalized attention, we can help your pup master the 10 essential skills needed to pass the test with flying colors. Imagine the sense of pride and accomplishment you’ll feel when your furry friend becomes certified as a Canine Good Citizen!

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