Reactivity in the Real World

You want an adventure dog. We can help.

Imagine stress-free walks around the neighborhood with your pup.

Or, taking them to Happy Hour at your favorite brewery.

With Fear Free Certified trainer, Lindsay, you’ll get expert guidance, accountability, and the confidence you need to enjoy a happier, stress-free life with your furry friend through field trips to public places, & virtual meetings each month.

With Reactivity in the Real World, you get:

  • Ongoing support from a certified dog trainer:
    • Lindsay will lead each field trip outing, each Zoom meeting, and will be the one to review video submissions when you have a question about your pup’s reactivity related behavior.
  • Accountability and encouragement to reach your goals:
    • With set dates and times for in-person meetups, virtual Office Hours Q&A, the option to send videos of your pup for feedback from Lindsay and monthly enrichment challenges, you’ll feel confident and encouraged to continue working with your reactive pup in daily life.
  • Structured field trips to various dog-friendly places:
    • Field trips will be in various locations either with Lindsay and her dog, or other carefully selected dog/human teams.
    • Locations include: quiet parks, busy parks and beaches, breweries, outdoor malls, and just about any dog friendly place you can think of.
  • Support from other reactive dog parents:
    • All dog/human teams have the opportunity to join live Office Hours Zoom calls to ask questions, give feedback, and encourage each other when it comes to working with their reactive pups.


3 month commitment to get started

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in the membership?

The membership includes monthly group walks with other carefully selected dog and human teams, Office Hours (live Q&A) via Zoom twice per month, monthly enrichment challenges, and video submissions with feedback from Lindsay.

What’s the price of the membership?

The membership is $200 per month with a 3-month commitment to get started.

Do I need to be Tech savvy?

As long as you have a computer, and Zoom, we can help you along the way! We use Google Drive for storing documents and videos, and can help you get that set up.

How long is the program?

Reactivity in the Real World is designed to help owners navigate real-life situations with their reactive pups. We require a 3 month minimum so that your pup has a proper amount of time to make progress on outings and so that you don’t feel rushed. After the first 3 months, you can continue the membership for as many months, or years as you’d like!

What if i can’t attend a live class?

All Office Hours are recorded via Zoom and will be uploaded in the Google Drive folder. There are two Office Hour sessions per month, and the days and times vary each month. Hopefully you can attend the next one live!

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