New Dog, Now What?

Both dogs are MUCH more manageable. Cyrus and Sam are able to go on walks together, and overall we have seen huge improvements and learned a lot about how to work with them. Not to mention all the new commands they’ve learned.

-Ali A.

Whether you’ve adopted a rescue pup or your living situation changed and your pup has a new furry roommate, we will set you up for a peaceful household with your new family member.

Do you enjoy moving to new places? For some people, the thought of starting over somewhere new is enough to stress them out, while others may be excited. Either way, moving to a new house or new city always requires an adjustment period. You may need to change how you do certain things, go to new places, and make new friends. All of this can be stressful to some degree, and everyone handles it differently.

Now imagine being a dog, and being unable to understand why you’re moving. Whether a dog comes from a shelter, from a different home, or needs to learn to live with another animal, they need an adjustment period and time to decompress. Not sure how to help your new dog decompress? That’s why we’re here!

Toby (on the left) and Bronson (on the right) welcomed Sam (Black Lab,) into their family after living with each other happily for a year. Bringing a 1 year old dog into a house with two senior dogs can be a challenge, but isn’t impossible! These three became great friends after getting to the know each other over a few weeks.

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