“Lindsay was an amazing trainer! She really took time to understand the root of our dog’s reactivity, then tailored the training program to our dog and our lifestyle. Our dog has come so far in the few weeks we have worked with Lindsay. She is also super supportive of us as owners, encouraging us to keep working with our dog and giving us tips for keeping things moving forward after our training with Lindsay is completed. She has our strongest endorsement!”

-Heather C.

Belle and Oslo’s parents came to us for help with aggression and reactivity. They knew they needed a different approach than what previous trainers had suggested and were drawn to the fact that Training with Lindsay is Fear Free Certified. Their biggest fear about investing in training was having another ‘failed investment’ as they had in the past with another trainer. “Oslo has more confidence and is able to join us in public at dog friendly locations. Belle is much less reactive, especially on leash. [Lindsay] made the training specifically for what our dogs needed. She was honest from the start and didn’t make any unrealistic promises. She was also very patient with us as pet owners and our dogs. She followed up after each session and gave simple instructions on what to work on. We are very happy with how everything went!”

-Michael C.

“Highly recommend! I’ve brought my pup through almost two full rounds of group training sessions (12 total) and just recently started private training sessions with Lindsay. In just a short amount of time, I am already seeing huge improvements with my dogs noise reactivity, anxiety, and fear. Additionally, in group and private lessons Lindsay gives you specific tricks, and homework to practice with your dog. This has both increased my dog’s overall confidence, manners, and it is easier for him to relax. Lindsay’s training style has been a perfect fit for myself and my dog. She is patient, and goes at whichever pace is best for you and your dog. She is always positive, and encouraging throughout training sessions (private and group). I’m excited to continue private lessons with Lindsay, thank you so much!”

-Payton S.

Jacob reached out for help with his leash reactive Great Dane, Liberty. His biggest fear before investing in training was “That our dog would fearfully react at someone’s dog and we had no control over that. [Lindsay] was recommended from our vet who we love, and we don’t really know anyone else who put their dogs through training. Once I spoke with Lindsay on the phone I knew she sounded like a good fit. [After training] I am not scared to take her places anymore, she may still react sometimes but I have the tools to handle it or avoid it completely. [Lindsay] explained everything very detailed and didn’t do anything our dog wasn’t comfortable with. At first we had sticker shock with both price and with the time commitment especially since she said it might not work. But with the results that we saw we probably would have paid much more and spent a lot more time on it. Lindsay is awesome and we are recommending her to everyone we know!”

-Jacob N.

“Ollie has more structure in his day to day, he is better at knowing when it’s okay to be excited and vocal vs when it’s time for me to do work. He also has more confidence and is able to be away from me and keep himself busy. [Lindsay gave] good recommendations for how to tire him out, [and] he knows the primary things we worked on with being in his crate, coming when called, etc.”

-Kate P.

Kelly and Ryder attended our Canine Life & Social Skills course to continue enhancing listening to commands and walking on leash. “Ryder walks pretty good on the leash, and I continue implementing [Lindsay’s] suggestions. Lindsay was very positive and had good recommendations when Ryder was being stubborn.”

-Kelly S.

“Highly recommend working with Lindsay! We attended group sessions that were very productive and enjoyable. We enjoyed the class structure and how we learned new skills and built upon them over the course of a few weeks. Lindsay explained and demonstrated each skill set which was very helpful. She also went around individually and took the time to provide feedback and tips on each skill that we did. She did a great job with balancing the group as a whole as well as one-on-one.

Being in a group setting was very beneficial for my dog as he was able to learn to remain focused in the distraction of other people, dogs, and in a new setting. We learned multiple real-life skills throughout class and received many tips on how to maintain this behavior outside of class. Lindsay has a lot of valuable knowledge and is very passionate about what she does!”

-Shannon S.

“We have worked with Lindsay in one on one sessions and really love her style of training! So, group classes felt like a great option with her as well 🙂 [We wanted to work on] leash walking and listening when called. We can now go on long walks with so much improvement! The training is easy to follow and she gives great advice for how to relay the things we learn in training to real life!”

-Allyson B.

Malia enrolled Gracie in our Canine Life & Social Skills class looking for guidance with impulsiveness, leash pulling, and jumping. “We have a better plan for training and more direction with our training sessions which leaves both of us feeling more accomplished! Lindsay is super positive and fun!”

-Malia D.

Alyssa reached out for leash reactivity and focus training after seeing our Instagram, and she felt that we would be a good fit for Ellie due to our experience and educational background. Her biggest fear before investing in training was that Ellie wouldn’t improve at all. After training, “Ellie is much more behaved, calm and focused. Lindsay broke down what we needed to do and integrate to make everything she did with Ellie stick and she explained possible causes to her behaviors.”

-Alyssa A.

Heather has completed a private training program with us and continues attending group classes. “Lindsay came highly recommended and life after training is sooo much better. Still plenty of room for more training but there has been a great improvement in Lucy’s behavior. I love the homework sheets!”

-Heather T.

“Lindsay came recommended from a friend.  She arrived on time with treats and had a good demeanor for interacting with our skittish newly rescued dog Gidget.  She had a lot of good knowledge to share in regards to crate training, which is what we had consulted her for.  She also arrived with informational handouts, which were a great reference tool for later.  She also had good communication via email.  I would consult with her again for dog training or recommend her.”

-Jon M.

“We had a personal training session with Lindsay for my two chihuahua mixes who has leash reactivity. Lindsay was incredibly helpful in giving us a lot of specific tips to manage their stress levels both on walks and inside the house. I can see a visible change in our dogs since we have had the session with her. They seem more relaxed and are barking less. She followed up with an email on the details that we discussed. Solving their leash reactivity would require consistency and patience on our part but we feel like we have the tools to correct this behavior. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a dog trainer in the San Diego area.”

-Ru Hui L.

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